The New FDA Approved Prescription Diet Pill Proven to Fight Obesity
Looking to Buy Belviq for Weight Loss

          With the news that Belviq / Lorcaserin was FDA approved, it created much interest for those who have thought they could lose a few pounds. People generally want to buy it immediately since the excitement of a drug that has been clinically proven to fight obesity has just been released on the market. It is a new drug and many people have thus not heard of it or know little about it and want to know more. Still many doctors and pharmacists will not have heard of it shortly after it was announced that it was approved. Doctors will become familiar with it very soon however as people will be coming to them asking them if they are possible candidates for using it. It may seem like a magic bullet for some, but although it has been proven to be effective in helping people lose weight, it is best used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. When this healthy combination is achieved the weight has been proven to come off quicker than what diet and exercise alone can do.
          Belviq®/ Lorcaserin will soon be available in pharmacies. It is generally a medicine designed to reduce weight and is meant be taken in to the body along with proper and balanced food intake. In medical terms, Lorcaserin is a drug that regulates the appetite of the user. It decreases the feeling of hunger as it reduces the production of a certain chemical compound found in the brain. Lorcaserin works by reducing the production of a neurotransmitter called Serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is located in the brain's hypothalamus and it is responsible for the regulation of a person's appetite and specific food cravings.
          By taking Belviq / Lorcaserin a patient's appetite reduces and thus loses weight by eating less. Lorcaserin slows down the body's metabolism while regulating a person's appetite. A person taking Lorcaserin can have guaranteed results in as little as a few weeks. Lorcaserin's way of reducing body weight is totally safe since it also lowers the body's metabolism, thus reducing the body's food consumption. These, plus Lorcaserin's diet-regulating abilities ensure a safe and effective weight loss procedure.
          Lorcaserin's testing has shown that it is safe to use. It does not exhibit major medical side effects like pulmonary hypertension, heart valve diseases, cardiac fibrosis and other heart related diseases. Fenfluramine is an example of an unsafe diet pill and its production has been revoked by the Food and Drugs Association due to major side effects it causes to people who are taking this drug. Fenfluramine was discovered to be potentially dangerous and life threatening since it directly affects the patient's heart valves. Eventually, Fenfluramine medication was totally banned from the market by 1997.
          Lorcaserin was approved as a safe medication that can be taken by the general public with weight-related issues. On June 27th, 2012, Lorcaserin was officially approved by the FDA. This drug was proven not to cause any serious effect and does not trigger certain health complications like cancer. It is effective and efficient enough to pass the weight loss and dietary standards set by the FDA. Lorcaserin is said to be the most effective and safest diet pill around since it does not have any major side effects that can be dangerous to the human body.
Belviq® the new FDA approved Prescription Diet Pill